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Almost Easy
Almost Easy

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PostSubject: ~HANDBOOK~   Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:33 pm

Hunter Association Ranking


The Counsel is a group of 5 members who have seen battle and diplomacy, have been a member for at least 20 years, and are elected by a popular vote of all ranking members. When a Counsel member dies or resigns the person who would like to replace them can not campaign. If you did a good job in the association you will be well known, if you did not, you will not. The Counsel has final say over all decisions as well as resolving disputes. They will be responsible for directing the organization toward the over all goal. They will hold the associations most guarded secrets and are responsible for the recorded history in it's truth.

City Leader Rank 1
Base Leader Rank 2

These two ranks are as they sound, when a hunter has climbed the ladder and wishes to no longer hunt or thinks their strengths are of better use as a leader they can be elected into a City or Base Leader position. They must have at least reached Senior Hunter to move to a Leader position. Leaders may have small campaigns and will remain in power until someone opposes them and is voted in. If campaigns are seen as a hoax or outlandish by the counsel they will be kicked down to the lowest rank to work back up. The Leaders must report daily and answer to the counsel at all times. They will help assign hunts, tasks, wages and opportunities to hunters as well as give feed back about hunters. Leaders must also over see all agents in their respective area.

Master Hunter Rank 3
Senior Hunter Rank 4
Junior Hunter Rank 5
Novice Hunter Rank 6

Hunters are the blood and soul of the association. It is their job to hunt and kill any and all who threaten the human existence. This can sometimes include renegade or rabid hunters and humans who know too much. This threat can be as small as one or two humans traumatized or killed or as big as the balance of good and evil and saving the entire world. Hunters are completely expected to put their life of the line for the greater good, or an innocent person. A hunter keeping information from the association will be considered a traitor and a threat and dealt with as such.  
All hunters start as a Novice, age of acceptance into the association depends on training and capability. Youngest member recorder is 13. All Novice Hunters will be mentored by at least a Senior Hunter until they can advance. Advancement, wages and rations depends on skill, number of completed missions, number of demons killed, number of humans killed, number of incidents, and such and can only be approved by the Counsel.

Agent Rank 7
Though the agents are less spoken about they are a vital part to the association. Agents are responsible for all upkeep of all Cities and Bases. This includes and is not limited to supplies, merchants, leads to hunts, studies, weapons, caches, and all buildings in city. With out agents HA would not run. Agents are made up of humans and some low class demons that couldn't or didn't want to be hunters.

Demon Ranking

S Rank
This is the top ranking demons, the most powerful, the demon kings and the ones that have little time or care for the human world. Most can not pass from the demon world into the human world unless several seals are broken and gates are opened. This would more then likely cause the extinction of the human race.

A Rank
These demons are also hardly seen in our world. The few times their power has been seen the Hunters Association used the ensuing natural disasters as cover for their destruction. But their time in our world is usually short lived.

B Rank
These demons are mostly made up of the huge, strong and old. They are almost all huge with strength ten fold of what is needed for their size. And as such they are even harder to take down, often taking military-like force. These demons are mostly held in the demon world with seals and have to be summoned to our world.

C Rank
These demons are very strong, generally have powers that grow with time or training. Their demonic nature will drive them, but they also tend to have very human attributes and thoughts and feelings. Though not fulling considered demons, Vampires and Werewolves are examples of this rank. These demons tend to live a long time, thus becoming more powerful and working their way up the ranks at times. These demons are considered a high threat level and should be treated as such.

D Rank
These demons are more troublesome then the F Rank demons. They are generally smarter, and can easily have a following. Witches, though human, are often ranked here. They are clever and usually don't show their true powers unless they have to, often having others fight their battles for them. These demons will plan and work together.

F Rank
These are the most common demons that hunters will deal with. Things like Shadows and Cryptids. They are sometimes harmless and generally killed easily. Or they are a minion of a higher ranking demon. Generally these demons do not  make plans or work together. They are driven by a more by their demonic nature.



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Almost Easy
Almost Easy

Posts : 1267
Join date : 2011-11-12
Age : 27
Location : Babies

PostSubject: Re: ~HANDBOOK~   Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:33 pm

What:Humans that turn into wolves.

Rank: C

Description:Werewolves look just like any other human but with thicker and larger canine teeth, sometimes several. They can have a change in eye color and sometimes slight physical features in their human form. As a wolf they can be sized roughly between 4-6 feet tall and look similar to any breed of wolf. Usually they carry some distinct feature from their human form. They age much slower then humans.

Weakness: Silver can kill wolves easily. Just being round silver objects will weaken them significantly and kill them in time. It is also extremely painful to them and in small amounts can be used to help tame fresh wolves. The same for the purple flower called wolfs bane. Though it does not kill as fast or as efficiently. Wolves also feel the effects of a vampires powers used against them more greatly.

Strength: The first and foremost is the werewolfs power to kill a vampire with just a bite. It is the saliva that turns their natural rival to ashes to be specific. But it must enter the blood stream. Besides the obvious strengths the wolf form will give them in their human form all of their senses are heightened ten fold along with their strength, speed, dexterity ect.

Powers: A werewolfs power seems to come from the moon and has not been totally explained yet. As well as feeding some off of emotions the wane and wax of the moon can effect how strong a wolf is. They are always stronger at night as well. As a wolf becomes more powerful they are more likely to become moody and prone to out bursts. And many seem to lose themselves to the madness of the wolf, unable to pull themselves out, at which time they need to be terminated.

Other:There seem to be 3 types of wolves. Born into the curse, bitten into the curse by another werewolf, and bitten into the curse by a cursed dog(*).

Wolves born into the curse seem to have the most control over their wolf form and their actions. The werewolf gene is a recessive gene and often takes two wolves to produce a wolf offspring. But one wolf parent is not unheard of. This type are the most common to be accepted into the Hunters Association and have proven themselves to be of true value. They do not seem to need to be locked up on the full or new moon. But do seem to lose power on the new moon like others.

Wolves bitten by another werewolf is the most common type of werewolf, and also the most common to be hunted and killed. This type have the hardest time controlling themselves and seem to be eaten by the wolf madness the most often. The wane and wax of the moon effecting this type the most and making them emotionally unstable. If the human was unstable before being bitten then being able to control the wolf form is nearly impossible. If able to survive the attack, children bitten often do better then adults. These wolves absolutely need to be locked up and/or drugged on the night of the full moon and sometimes even the new moon (this seems to depend on the wolf itself). HA does not recommend trying to save this type of wolf, more often then not it ends badly. These wolves must train for several years under a high ranking member to be accepted into the Hunters Association. They will remain under supervision for many years after.

Wolves bitten into the curse by a cursed dog are the least common type of werewolf and the least is known about them. They seem to hold some secrets to the origin of the werewolf and if they are in fact a demon like we consider them. The full moon does not effect these wolves in a negative way, in fact they become exceptionally more powerful but have been known lose all control on a new moon and slaughter entire villages and small cities. These wolves have never been a member of the Hunters Association but have been used as weapons. Though usually short lived, they are very effective. (*More research is needed)

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